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We Cover Inside and Outside London

Welcome to the ESS team of expertise with knowledge, honesty and collaboration who are making possible on the impossible.

ESS -with our professionals and dedicated workforce can undertake any type of construction projects, property renovation or house extension, from complex double basement developments to a new multi-storied buildings including commercial, residential and industrial construction developments.

Everyone can tell they can build. But we can deliver. We take challenges to breathe a new life into communities and transforming your lives.

Being building is the key element, but we do more than the lot more…by preferring more on our client needs and safety first for every project. We develop strong relationships with our clients,forging success and creating solutions that overcome any financing or development obstacle starting from the Ground Work, Underpinning, Steel Fixing, RC Frame, Drainage and until completion of the projects…which you are free to contact us at any time…..

On the Whole – ESS means Expertise Project Management and Project Development in Construction

Our Recent Projects