Putting a concrete basement into your brand new home is one of the best investments you can make. Basements provide inexpensive space for a variety of purposes, from a family room or entertainment center to an office or extra bedroom.

ESS undertake general and specialised basement extensions and basement construction throughout U.K. Existing basements can be extended to provide significant additional usable  space. Consequently, we can also incorporate new build basements from rear or side extension by creating additional basement price even under an existing building

Due to our basement extensions, you can have the advantage of adding upto 30% floor space to your building which adds more value to your building by incorporating a basement, relatively with just a small increase in the overall building costs costing from 10 to 20% of the original project cost.

Futher,due to this, basements improve the energy efficiency of homes, excellent sound insulation,particularly when a suspended concrete floor is made at ground floor.

Basement Extension Specialists

We have a specialised team of experts in Basement Extension who can able to meet the specifications and standards for higher density and better levels of sustainability.

At ESS, our engineers and architects help you in planning, designing, arranging for soil and  site investigation with geotechnical and hydrotechnical surveys and preparing full construction plans to ensure that your basement complies with all building regulations on plans, structures including properly designed waterproofing system , building safety,etc.

Cavity drain membrane with sumps and pumps are generally used in most of our basement projects. However, waterproof concrete and other tanking systems may be employed.


We have both architects and engineers in our team with great experience, knowledge and expertise to aid the design and ease the anxiety to accomplish your needs, including both domestic and commercial.


Mostly,Piling is used in pre-basement construction and generally underpinning is used in most of our retrofit basements


Since,most basements are below the invert levels of the drainage system for both surface water and foul systems,we use sophisticated pumping systems such as both computerised and telemetry back up systems.


Our Construction process starts with:


  • erection of independent hoarding for access area and providing temporary weather-proofing, temporary electricity.
  • Excavation and underpinning with below slab concrete padstones.
  • Excavation on bulk of soil.
  • Starting the brick work, and structural steel bearing spreader plates/concrete padstones and installing, including heavy duty steel beams and standard beams.
  • Creating reinforced basement floor slab to incorporate sump and drainage,
  • Installing Water Proofing system and constructing external light wells with Cat ladder.
  • Cavity will be filled with quilted installation metal stud dry line aroung external wall perimeter.
  • Complete or fixing all in lightings, plumbing, electric including government regulations and approvals and arranging and resolving the same.

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