ESS believes that the fundamental requirement of any structure is a good foundation and strives every time to produce a quality product.

At ESS, we provide the full range of groundworks & civil engineering services as required for Foundation construction, Drainage, pathways or footpaths, Roads including service works to external paving. Every work is undertaken with the highest degree of professionalism, ensuring the right solution is safely implemented to meet the client’s needs.

Ground work is the first stage task done to prepare the basic sub-surfaces to start the construction work apart from any demolition or site enabling works that may be need to carry out.

In ESS, we adopt the standard practice as a part of legal requirement. Ground investigation of the construction site been carried on, which help to identify the past land uses, stability and potential problems.

With the help of the investigations and datas obtained. We shall effectively design, as well as checking for any potential defects or issues like contamination or abandoned mine workings, to be considered.

Also, assessments on the ground conditions such as geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, soil and water conditions are elaborately undertaken.

Our Ground work includes a detailed assessment and entasking to:

  • Site clearance:

Being a  part of the initial preparatory works, the land will be cleared and the topsoil taken up from the footprint of the structure. The depth  depends on the lay of the land, and if it is a sloping site then the ground may need to be levelled. If required, retaining walls may be constructed in order to create level development platforms.


  • Substructure and Ground stabilisation works:

Substructure or the work below done underside of screed or where no screed exists, to underside of lowest floor finishes including damp-proof membrane with relevant excavations and foundations which the retaining walls will bemade by stone, brick or blockwork,reinforced concrete or timber or with geosynthetic materials for retaining walls and embankment. For Basement excavations sheet piling are used to retain wall construction on cost effective basis by involving large scale hydraulic jack hammer to drive steel sheet piles into the ground and interlocked, forming a continuous wall.

Other methods of ground stabilisation includes:

Soil nails, which Holes are drilled and steel bars insertedinto slope face and thereafter grouted in place.To hold the slope face –Mesh is attached to bar ends.

Ground anchors , which Steel cables with metal wedges on their ends. The metal wedge end is driven pneumatically into the slope face to the desired depth, the cable pulled taut and attached to a finishing plate to maintain tension.

We provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics. There are a very wide range of foundation types suitable for different applications, depending on considerations such as:

Very broadly, foundations can be categorised as shallow foundations or deep foundations. Shallow foundations are typically used where the loads imposed by a structure are low relative to the bearing capacity of the surface soils. Deep foundations are necessary where the bearing capacity of the surface soils is not adequate to support the loads imposed by a structure and so those loads need to be transferred to deeper layers with higher bearing capacity.

  • Site services:

Site services we offer include temporary and permanent drainage and other utilities connections. Complex sites may require specialist tunneling or shaft sinking solutions to enable service ducts and cabling to the installed. Existing services such as water and electricity cables may also will be altered or installed.

  • Landscaping:

We do landscaping by earthworks to remodel the site and hard landscape such as ‘black top’ surfacing of roads and parking areas.

Also, Our Ground work depends upon the nature of load required for support, analysing conditions of the Ground conditions of soil and water. Accessibility, Sensitivity to noise and vibration are also taken upon into the context.

On the whole -Our Foundation work includes:

  • Building foundations.
  • Continuous flight auger piles.
  • Diaphragm wall.
  • Driven piles.
  • External works.
  • Footings.
  • Ground anchoring
  • Ground conditioning
  • Ground heave.
  • Micropiles.
  • Pad foundation.
  • Pile foundations.
  • Raft foundation.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Screw pile foundations.
  • Settlement.
  • Subsidence.
  • Substructure.
  • Temporary works.
  • Underpinning.

ESS have worked on various contracts where the ground conditions have changed continually: from disturbed demolition sites (down to as much as deep) to contaminated sites, flooded sites, running sand, liquid peat, boggy conditions, clay, rock, chalk, sand and even some ideal conditions….Having  vast experience in these conditions has positioned ESS as a premier contractor best suited to work in difficult ground. Inspite of difficult ground conditions, ESS has successfully managed number of sites to complete all aspects of foundations, formwork, steel-fixing and concrete work to a high standard within time and budget constraints. ESS attribute this to its experienced site Engineers, highly trained workforce and regular site inspections by its our management team.

You can feel free to contact us or call us on your construction taks to entrust us.