ESS have extensive experience in Steel fixing for reinforced concrete being one of our commercial specialisations with extensive experience of fitting steel mesh and rebars.

A service that takes us on to a huge range of commercial construction sites is steel fixing; positioning reinforcing bars and steel mesh into reinforced concrete pours giving them enhanced strength and longevity. We work directly from engineering drawings fixing the rebars and mesh, tying and snipping them off and attaching the spacers and chairs to determine concrete cover.

Our full range of commercial steel fixing services includes;
• Reinforcing bars fitting
• Steel mesh fixing
• Wire tying and snips
• Attachment of spacers and chairs
• Working to engineering drawings
• All other commercial steel fixing requirements

The experienced ESS team work across U.K providing steel fixing and concrete reinforcing, providing a service that is reliable, communicative and competitively priced. Veterans of hundreds of site builds the team are used to working closely with project managers and carefully around other trades to keep budgets and schedules on course for your build.
In ESS. Steel fixing is done by Steel positioning which the Steel been placed correctly under the strict supervision of our senior engineers to take care that the structure’s strength not  to get weakened.

The Cover – which the distance between the outside face of the concrete and the nearest surface of reinforcing steel must be sufficient in distance, to avoid the rusting of steel.Thus, we take care the precaution that the actual diameter ofthe steel do not get decreases or corroded which impact the strength of the steel and thushus the life span of the building can be enhanced. Also, its important that the cover must be very important that the reinforced concrete strength must maintained  and minimum cover must be from 20 to 70 mm to withstand fire depending on the length of the time.Our designers play an important role to take care in the effects of deformation on bars.

Moreover.if steel rusts, it expands the twice of its volume and resulting in bursting the concrete and thus exposing the steel to get vulnerable to the weather and corrosion.

Being comprehensive support for commercial construction, our steel fixing service easily combines with other work we provide such as laying foundations and site clearances.

In ESS, we use Spacers to maintain the cover which they keep the steel the required distance away from the edge of the concrete.

In ESS, the fixing is done – by fastening the steel reinforcing bars sothat they stay in the correct place between the spacers relatively to each other, so that the stee; stays on it while workers walk on and while placing the concrete.We usethe Tie-wire at the junctions of bars are tied tightly to hold them together.Also, precautions are taken that the all pieces of tie-wire must be removed from the form work before concreting to avoid rust stains on the finished product.

Speak to us early in any build to work out an all-in-one package that allows us to streamline your costs and guarantee consistent quality workmanship in throughout your groundworks.